08 May 2009

$328 K photo shoot...

WOW... I just read that the brainiac Air Force One photo shoot, you know, the one that caused panic and flashbacks of 9/11 to New Yorkers, cost a whopping $328,000. I could think of quite a few things the money could have gone to, especially in these economic times. I could've used Photoshop and slapped this picture together at a fraction of the cost and minus the massive panic in New York City.  Wasn't he calling Congress to cut $17 Billion from the budget? The $328,000 is nothing comparatively, but it's a start. Way to lead by example, Mr. Obama.
Picture from news.yahoo.com

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  1. This is one small way that a substantial amount of money could have/should have been saved. Think of how much headway we could make if even the smallest cutbacks were made- time and time again, until being prudent became a way of life. It's almost as if the country is so far into debt, that the amount isn't even real. So why worry about it? Better to go shopping and enjoy the moment!