29 June 2009

New Haven Firefighters

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the "New Haven 20" today. The 5-4 ruling said that firefighters were truly denied promotions due to their skin color.

The story goes, firefighters took their promotion boards. Black candidates didn't score high enough to place in the top 20 spots so the test was invalidated and nobody got the promotion for fear that the affirmative action police would get them.

My question is, why is race even a factor here? People took a test knowing that the top 20 got promotions. It just so happened that 19 white and one Hispanic people took the top 20 spots. The issue of race is far too overused in today's society.

Many say this was a slap in the face to Sotomayor. I say, not so. This was a ruling for truth and justice. The 20 passed the test and deserved the promotion.

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